Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Moth with Devastating Wings- Veronica Aldous

Be warned those who plagiarise or breakcopyright- yes, you know who you are!

The Moth with Devastating Wings returns
to find she has been Plagiarised.

In case you have not noticed I cannot be destroyed.
Your finalities, and prognostications
upend, and those pale winds will finally take you
to the place of learning where you will be whitened
like a bone in silk.

Your ineptitude has created an annoyance in me
If I stamp then my small footfall decrees the end.
All your attempts to paraphrase my magic
and filch my voice, will end in silence and vacuum
as a year of dustiness and marvellous markings
is phased in by the Ministry of the Moon.

You cannot hold a flame to me, you know.
I am not just a moth. I am also a Stuka -
although my body is soft
my decals are encrypted coda
I dance a gavotte at your demise
for gaiety!
for the black joke of my inimical design!

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