Friday, 9 May 2008

Poem by veronica aldous- 10 seconds of an animal

10 seconds of an animal.

10 seconds of an animal
is fast
is shivering, is black cream
upon the the embers
of a hearth
its surface rapt, controlled
the pump beneath
well tracked with coursing blood
its mind remote-
an amazonian

a witch's tail
a witch's heart
off centre-
ah, violent, ah
its surface suave
skinful of force
they chain it to a circus car
it grinds its teeth
the ringing screech
a wiry thrill on metal bars,
lie down, lie down-
god help me
I see its face
in yours.

I want its low slung danger
the way it knows no anger
is concentrated
arching, fluid
takes its prey
as lover

Veronica Aldous
Published Orbis 2006

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