Thursday, 17 April 2008

White Rabbit Veronica Aldous

Blanc Lapin

It was not too long before you made me write again
though why you make me do this, I have no idea
ennui perhaps, a disinterest in other things
perhaps a childhood steeped in too many goddamn fairies,
Looking glasses, C.S Lewis.

I used to dream and across the long hot afternoons
of chalk dust and verbiage the windows hollowed
into a turquoise sea, behind a parthenon
of shades wherein the gallant and undefeated
provoked and tested my reactions to maintaining
my virginity.

Some such pale necromancer or snake oil guy
As you, might soon appear in person, wrecking
EnglishLit, my stylistic attempt in deconstructing
Hamlet, slide round the school's high fences, wait for me
get me knocked up.seduced like Mary, pregnant.


I'm grown up now and don't have Blakey's on my shoes
to make that tic-tac sound down corridors,
a time-bomb in school uniform; now's the internet's
exquisite searches on your life
expose your pixel-form too late

White Rabbit to my Alice.

Veronica Aldous copyright 2008
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Justin said...

Cool! Love the poem!

Nice blog!